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Module 1 Batteries
Module 2 Wiring
Module 3 Engines
Module 4 Lightning
Module 5 DC Systems
Module 6 Electronics
Module 7 Radios

Module 9 HVAC
Module 10 AC Power

Boat-parts - Water and Sewage Systems

Boat-parts - Module 108 - Water, Sewage and Pumping Systems

At the completion of this module you will understand how important boat-parts such as pressurized water systems operate, water pumps and principles, desalination and watermaker systems, how sewage systems and Marine Sanitation Devices (MSD) operate, bilge pumps and automatic systems, the installation of hot water systems, shower pumps, and how to perform basic maintenance and troubleshooting on all of the systems.

Water Systems

The back bone to the galley and to bathroom is the pressurized water system. Many people have trouble selecting and installing these systems and there are some basic engineering factors to consider and follow. The system comprising pump, piping and tanks requires careful consideration. Water Pumps and Systems All about boat and yacht pressure water systems and pumps

Watermaker Systems

Many offshore voyagers now install water-makers (desalinators). They require some engineering to install and selection is extremely important. If installed properly, and maintained properly, they will supply you with lots of water and also free you and your boat from marinas when cruising as well as end rationing on long voyages.

Marine Sanitation Devices (MSD)

The handling and disposal of toilet wastes is an extremely important issue. Also the legal issues revolving around discharge of sewage into the sea should be at the forefront of all discussions. Everyone should understand the issues surrounding the selection and installation of MSD’s and ensure that systems are both hygienic and legal. Essential boat-parts that must work properly.

Bilge Pumps

The bilge pump sits quietly, and hopefully rarely used. The time comes when they are the difference between life and death and they often fail or not up to the task. It is crucial to your boats seaworthiness that the bilge pump is correctly selected, properly installed, and maintained. The issues around pump types, and automatic operation are all considered. This one of those essentials

Hot Water Systems

Like most I prefer some creature comforts on board, and the ability to have a hot shower is one of those essentials. Look at his information to understand how to get your system working properly. This one of those essential things.

Shower Pumps

With the hot water available then the next very common problem area is the shower drain pump. Like many I have suffered a constant stream of problems and it is important to properly install your system.

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