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Module 2 Wiring
Module 3 Engines
Module 4 Lightning
Module 5 DC Systems
Module 6 Electronics
Module 7 Radios
Module 8 Water
Module 9 HVAC
Module 10 AC Power

About the Marine-Battery and Charging System

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About the Marine-Battery and Charging System

Marine Electrical and Electronics Certificate Resources

The following resources are provided as additional study notes for each module within the Certificate Course. (marine-battery)

Module 1 Basic Electrical Theory Lesson 1A

It is important to understand some basic electrical theory before commencing a study of the more practical applications of various boating equipment. This module will describe the history and basic principles of electricity. This will cover Basic Atomic Theory, the Law of Charges and Electron Flow. Basic Electrical Theory Electrical History, Atomic Theory, Electron Flow

Module 1 Basic Electrical Theory 1B

It is important to understand some basic electrical theory before commencing a study of the more practical applications of various boating equipment. This module will describe the basics of diodes, semiconductors and other devices that are found in many boat electrical and electronics systems and equipment . You will understand the definition of voltage and current, resistance and resistors, the basic theory of diodes, conductors and semi-conductors, Ohms Law and how make calculations and understand the definition of Power. Basic Electrical Theory Understanding voltage, current and resistance and all about Ohms Law, Diodes and Semiconductors

Module 1 Basic Electrical Theory 2

It is important to understand some basic electrical theory and the principles of magnetism, electro-magnetism, magnetic materials and the Law of Magnetic Poles, Magnetic Fields, Magnetic Induction and Magnetic Effects before commencing a study of the more practical applications of various boating equipment. Basic Electrical Theory Principles of Magnetism, Magnetic Materials, Electromagnetism and all about Magnetism

Module 1 Basic Electrical Theory 3

It is important to understand some basic electrical theory before commencing a study of the more practical applications of various boating equipment. After completing this lesson unit you will understand the theory of series circuits, parallel circuits, basic electrical circuits, circuit diagram notations and symbols and how to use a test instrument. Basic Electrical Theory Circuit theory, series and parallel circuits, circuit diagrams, how to use a multimeter


About the marine-battery and charging system, high output alternators are probably the most discussed and controversial of many boating systems. For reliability and optimum performance they require careful planning, equipment selection and installation. These articles will provide useful information to understand and get the best performance from your marine-battery. Useful Resources

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About the marine-battery and more

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