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Module 1 Batteries
Module 2 Wiring
Module 3 Engines
Module 4 Lightning
Module 5 DC Systems

Module 7 Radios
Module 8 Water
Module 9 HVAC
Module 10 AC Power

All about marine-electronics

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Marine-electronics – What do you need to Know?

At the completion of this module you will understand how autopilots work, the principles of radar and radar reflectors, how depth sounders and fish finders operate, the principles of speed logs and wind instruments, how instrument networks operate, about interfacing, interference and how to reduce it, how GPS, LORAN and RDF works and how to perform basic maintenance and troubleshooting on all of the systems.


Most boats have a GPS unit these days, both fixed and small portable handheld models. There are things to know about how the system operates, and the limitations on accuracy. Marine GPS Start learning about marine GPS and the effects of space weather. Solving Interference on GPS Start learning about solving interference problems on your GPS

Chart Plotters

Electronics charting is now an affordable reality and when interfaced with GPS shows you where you are at all times on high accuracy electronic charts. Whilst properly corrected paper charts are still very important an electronic chart can take a lot of stress out of navigation in poor conditions on hazardous coastlines


LORAN is still around and the only “old” operating system still in service. Many boats still have a unit on board and they serve as a standby system for GPS users

Radar and Radar Reflectors

Radar is a great aid to navigation and many times I have been offshore in bad weather and visibility or at night and wished I had a set on board. This will help you understand the basics of radar and also about radar reflection. It is no use being able to see other boats if they cant see you, and also to understand what happens when your radar waves travel out and come back


Instrumentation is an essential part of boating. You need to know how much water is beneath the keel to safely navigate. You also need to know what speed you are making and how far you have traveled and a speed/log is essential. Sailors want to know what direction the wind is coming from and what strength it is to sail efficiently


Most fisherman have a fishfinder and they are essential to finding your target species and positioning your boat where the fish might be biting. Fishfinders allow you to look for both depth and contours or subsea structure.


The additional crew member that never eats, never tires, never complains. For any boat doing passages the autopilot takes the long and arduous strain out of steering. Interfacing to compass, wind instruments and GPS will take you directly to your chosen waypoint

Interfacing and Networks

These days marine-electronics systems all talk to each other. This includes radar systems, fishfinders and chart plotters transfer a lot of data and so a robust network capable of maintaining transfer integrity and at high speed is necessary. Instrument data networks have continued to evolve from marine-electronics standard protocols NMEA 0183 up to the newer NMEA 2000.


Keeping your communications and marine-electronics free of interference isn’t easy. RFI on radios, data corruption and communications interference are real problems. They can be solved and this will help you understand how and why.

Useful Resources - All about marine-electronics

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All about marine-electronics and more

All about marine-electronics

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