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Module 1 Batteries
Module 2 Wiring
Module 3 Engines
Module 4 Lightning
Module 5 DC Systems
Module 6 Electronics
Module 7 Radios
Module 8 Water
Module 9 HVAC


All about power-inverters, generators and shore-power

Generators, Power-Inverters and AC Power Systems

At the completion of this module you will understand AC Safety, AC Rules and Regulations, generators, generator controls, inverters, shore power systems, AC wiring, AC protection, AC appliances, and how to perform basic maintenance and troubleshooting. Power Inverters Part 1 Information on Inverter Output Waveforms, DC Battery Loads, Transfer Systems, Output Rating and Efficiency. Power Inverters Part 2 Information on Combination Charger Units, DC Input Cables, Grounding the AC, Ground Fault Protection and Inverter Troubleshooting. Power-Inverters Part 3 Information on Interference, Auto Start Functions and Protection.

The Inverter

What is a power-inverter? Inverters transform or convert 12 Volt or 24 Volt DC power to AC power that allows you to power up all of those household appliances such as kitchen appliances, microwave ovens, TV's, computers and air conditioning and lot more. Many ask me about whether they can run a microwave oven. The power rating that is quoted with a microwave oven is the "cooking power" and this means the power being irradiated into the food that you are cooking. The actual operating electrical power rating is considerably higher. An example, your microwave has an advertised power rating of 600 watts, this equates to nearly 1100 watts of actual power consumption. If you need to know the precise power consumption, look at the nameplate on the back of the oven.


Having a marine-generator is a great benefit for powering up loads such as air conditioning, battery chargers and household appliances. Generators do have important selection criteria that must be considered, and also maintenance issues. If generators are not properly sized for proposed electrical loads and not installed correctly then problems will encountered.

Shore Power

Getting the electrical power at the marina is very important. From the moment you plug into the shore power pedestals many things alter. There are the issues of maintaining power supplies, and interaction with other boats etc. Whether it is galvanic isolators or isolation transformers .

AC Power Systems

AC is very different to DC and safety is the number one consideration. Getting the wiring installation right, along with grounding is essential. And there is protection of circuits and GFCI units and a lot more

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All about power-inverters

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